The average rates for guitar/bass lessons in music a store or studio start at around $35-40/half hour and $60-70/hour. The rates at Starliner music are $30/half hour and $50/ hour. This assumes that you will be taking a weekly lesson.



Regular attendance is important to a students growth. If a student knows they are accountable for the material in the lesson they are more likely to practice. At Starliner Music you are required to attend each week. If you must be gone at your normal lesson time, and you give 24 hours notice, I will grant a make-up lesson.  If you miss a lesson without 24 hours notice you will be charged for the lesson.  Basically, you pay for your time slot. (If the instructor must be gone you will be granted a make-up lesson).

This is the policy of most reputable music studios. I am professional. In order to provide you this quality service at affordable rates, lesson times must be paid for in this manor.