Since I started taking guitar lessons from Kim, my guitar playing is light years better than it used to be.   My friends noticed right away and I am much better than the people I used to jam with

One nice thing about Kim’s lessons is that they are truly self-paced.  If you are ambitious you can learn very fast and learn many different subjects simultaneously.  If you are the busy type who can barely squeeze in an hour of practice in a week, Kim will still work with you to make the most of that hour.  Kim is incredibly knowledgeable and is able to explain every musical question I have ever thrown at her.  No matter what style, jazz, blues, classical, shred metal, or even Hannah Montana, Kim can teach it to you in no time at all.  Kim is gifted with an excellent ear, and can transcribe all sorts of crazy things students throw at her.

  Not only is Kim a good teacher, she is also a very talented musician. Her albums show her technique and proficiency but hearing her play live is a sublime experience, and she makes it look quite easy.   Taking lessons from Kim is truly amazing its like having Larry Carlton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Freddie King at your disposal.

Ed U.


  In the hands of an ordinary music teacher, theory and technique related to the guitar would find most students either with their heads in the clouds due to the boredom, or looking at their watch to see when the lesson ends.
Even with Kimberly’s low key manner and personality, this woman, teacher and professional musician can burn on guitar, and she know how to relay that information in a creative, organized and fun program.

She is thorough:  Fingerboard geometry, theory and its application, approaches to soloing and much more.  She’s well versed in all styles and her personable style makes learning fun.  She inspires you to take the lesson information and traditions she passes down and use it, to make them your own—even if you want to play for pleasure only.

The lessons are never boring and you will grow musically as a guitarist in so many ways.  I’ve increased my knowledge of fingerboard geometry (where the notes are).  I’ve been shown what made jazz standards great relative to harmony.  We’ve broken down guitar solos of the great blues artist and it’s helped me in learning to solo—something I never imagined I’d be able to do, let alone attempt.  I can accompany myself on songs I’ve always wanted to sing, and Kimberly encourages you when you are having difficulties comprehending any part of a lesson.

I highly recommend if you are stuck in your pursuit of guitar playing excellence, call and make an appointment.  Hour lesson cover a lot and will help you be a creative and musically balanced musician.

I’ve traveled a long way on my guitar adventure in the past year… and it’s been a blast.
Kimberly Allison is a great player and great teacher and now a friend.

Jess A.



Kimberly is an amazing musician and teacher. Her teaching techniques can make you the musician you've always wanted to be. 

From beginner to seasoned player she can help you hone your skills. Let's say your not sure you want to learn to read music just yet. Her teaching methods can have you playing your instrument faster than you would dream possible. If on the other hand your interested in improving your your reading skills she can help you understand note placement time value neck geometry economy of motion.

Your welcome to do as many players do. Work on a song for hours on end picking out note after note after note till it feels like your going to die of old age. There you are ready to play at the family gathering the room get quiet you start playing singing " I'll never leave your pizza burning" from the back of the room comes your uncle with the runny eye runs up to you saying "hey Junior that's I'll never be your beast of burden I told you not to waste your time with that guitar" 
Yeah we've all had something like this happens to us. 

Have you ever listened to a song and thought was that a cat?Hawaiian noises? Is that even English? musically speaking Kimberly can unscramble an egg.She can tell you what that sound was how you can reproduce it or replace it with your own. She can answer all those musical questions you've wonder about. Is the hokey pokey really what it's all about? Why'd Yankee Doodle stick a feather in his hat and call it macaroni? 

Whether your a serious musician or just starting out and want to have fun. You owe it to yourself book a lesson with her. Think of all your other projects the picture frame the Jewellery box Bird house. All that stuff is in the garage gathering dust right? High priced fire wood. 

What you learn with Kimberly you keep forever. Money well spent

Richard M.


I have been taking guitar lessons on my electric with Kim for about a year in her studio in the LA area. There are so many guitar instructors in LA, choosing one was very difficult. I relied heavily on reviews I read & a personal recommendation from a friend. Kim is exactly what I was looking for. She is laid back and down to earth (no rapping on the knuckles here!) but she conducts herself and her business just like you'd want her to - like a business. I sort of expect most musicians to be a bit fluid with their lives and their calendars. Not Kim! She tackles her work like a professional - on time, focused on you and flexible to meet your needs.

What I love about working with her is her flexibility. We started with basic guitar lessons - scales, chords, strum patterns, etc. It quickly morphed into her teaching me what I wanted to learn. A month in she asked me to make a list of my favorite songs. She wove the learning from there - blending just enough conventional guitar teaching into the lessons to keep it real - but focused on what I wanted - learning the songs I grew up with. I didn't want to learn to read music - so she stays on tabs. I am so happy and look forward to my lessons with her every week. 

I would recommend Kim to anyone who wants to learn on their own terms.

Greg G.


I've been taking guitar lessons with Kimberly since the beginning of 2011. At the time I'd had several years of lessons using a traditional method on acoustic guitar and was looking for a teacher who could help me focus on electric blues rock and move me beyond my intermediate skill level.

Kimberly has a real focus on and talent for teaching. My lessons are tailored to meet my interests. A large part of the lesson is devoted to learning her method for blues soloing--at least 5 approaches to improvisation and comping. After several years, I've come to see how these approaches interweave, complement each other and have become an intuitive part of my musical vocabulary. 

Also, because I expressed an interest, part of the lesson involves sight reading, learning blues and jazz theory, developing rhythmic playing sense, and learning a few favorite solos. Kimberly has an amazing ability to tab out and teach any song you give her. Which leads to the best part--after 6 months I was invited to play with one of her ensemble classes. While I was absolutely petrified with fear at the beginning, this has turned into one of the highlights of my week every week. It is just downright fun! It's a safe and forgiving environment where you can make mistakes and learn, or try things out that might flop, or turn into something cool. Every teacher and guitar magazine article all point to the need to play with other musicians to develop your skills and this is where Kimberly Allison really delivers. I feel that I could now sit in with other musicians and contribute.

I give my highest recommendation for taking lessons with Kimberly.

Peter B.



I've been taking lessons with Kim, off and on as finances allowed, for 10+ years. Kim has a brilliant knack for being able to quickly assess what is needed to keep me moving forward in my study of music. We have primarily focused on bass with some guitar thrown in. That speaks to the flexibility and patience that this instructor possesses. She will keep lessons focused and moving forward,challenging me when it's called for, all in a gentle, affirming manner. I cannot speak highly enough about Kim's abilities both as a performing musician or as a music instructor. Nobody could go wrong with Kim as a teacher, she's been great!!

John H.



I've been taking lessons from Kimberly for three years now and still look forward to my weekly lessons. She is a great instructor and truly cares about your progress. After trying a couple instructors in the beginning then I found Kimberly I knew I never had to look again for a talented caring instructor I highly recommend her she's great!!

Emile J.



First off Kimberly is AWESOME. Did I say Kimberly is AWESOME! Just making sure I said Kimberly is AWESOME.


Teaching is her profession. She is devoted to it. She has chosen to be a teacher. She isn’t teaching because she isn’t good enuf to make money another way. She does it because she enjoys passing on her music experience and knowledge while giving her stability and a life in music too. This means she is totally professional. She shows up on time. She is prepared, communicative and focussed on you the student.

Kimberly’s professionalism extends to her way of doing business too. She has well thought out, reasonable rates and payment plans. Her online business is straightforward and user friendly.

Being one of her Online students (I live in Australia) she and I depend on Skype technology for our lessons. She is IT savvy. I am not saying she is a computer whiz…(maybe she is) but she has the right equipment for the job of online teaching and can give basic advice to those who want to join her online. She has students from as far away as Japan I think. So the technology works.

Kimberly is a GREAT MUSICIAN!
Notice I said Musician not just a Great guitar player
If you have been trying to find a music teacher you know that great guitar players do not necessarily make great guitar teachers.

Kimberly is BOTH!!

Her Knowledge and Experience as a Musician spans Jazz, Blues, Fusion and Classical genres.

Having all that knowledge and chops you might think she has an ego the size of the empire state building! She doesn’t. In fact there are many lessons between she and I where she didn’t even pick up the guitar. If you are like me you may have gone into many a guitar store and asked to play a cool guitar. The girl comes over and takes it off the wall for you and plugs it in…but before she hands it to you plays some wild riff 8 bars long and THEN gives you the guitar. I just don’t like that kind of showing off….Kimberly doesn’t show off. Stevie Ray Vaughn said something about his brother Jimmie Vaughn, “When I play I play 90% of what I know; when Jimmie plays he plays 10% of what he knows”. That’s Kimberly….from Blues, Metal, Classical she has the chops but doesn’t shove them down your throat but if you need them …she has them!

Kimberly is very very busy. But when you are with her she is not thinking about her next lesson she is focussed on you.

Kimberly understands Music and how to put students and music together.
The guitar is her main instrument but Kimberly can play and teach several instruments including the drums.

Kimberly is ALWAYS practicing and expanding her experience of Music she is not just a country player or a snobby jazz player.

Kimberly is a self-proclaimed overachiever. That means that even though Kimberly is very very talented she has had to work through musical concepts herself (they didn’t come easy). This is a big plus for students because Kimberly can totally relate to people who are learning. No matter what level of musicianship you are at Kimberly understands and supports your struggles and emphasises your triumphs. Plus she welcomes the sceptical student, “Ok Kimberly why in gods name do I need to learn this??”

I am a slow learner, an overachiever and generally muddle headed. Musical concepts don’t come easily to me at times. I memorise things slowly and get confused and lose focus easily due to my ADD. Many teachers I have had in the past would get frustrated with me. Kimberly just smiles or laughs WITH me and backs up and takes another approach. Kimberly has a variety of tools at her disposal for teaching the same concepts. What this means for students is that she is very adaptable to personal needs, attitudes and ways of learning. If I am not getting something she is trying to get across she dips into her chops bag and pulls out another approach….amazing. If I need her to repeat an explanation 5 times she will do so with a smile on her face…really.

And what is really cool about her is her smile. Kimberly actually smiles at you and makes you feel special and understood.

Kimberly is a wise teacher. More wise than her years. So wise that she knows when NOT TO TEACH!! She wont let you flounder or get stressed. As she gets to know you as a student she knows when you are working something through out loud or in your head and she will just be SILENT. That is a very profound gift of a GREAT TEACHER…appropriate SILENCE.

Kimberly is not only a great music teacher and player Kimberly is a Great PERSON!!

I am a very very discerning person when it comes to friendships and close personal relationships. I can tell you without a doubt I like being in her presence.
Kimberly is a Professional but with a very casual laid back attitude. She is not only inspiring but Kimberly is fun to be around. Which makes each lesson more of a sharing of knowledge time rather than a chugging through gruelling wrote rudiments time.

I am really stoked that Kimberly is not only my music teacher but Kimberly is my FRIEND.

I have been taking lessons from her for 10 months now and every Saturday I am excited to see her and talk to her.
If you have had difficulty finding a music teacher I definitely recommend you give Kimberly a try!!

Did I say Kimberly is awesome!!




I have been taking lessons from Kimberly A. for almost ten years. I would highly recommend her as a music instructor. Her experience as a performing musician and her formal education in music makes her an excellent instructor and overall resource. Besides having taught me the theory and how to play solos and fills for jazz, pop, rock, blues, and even country tunes and styles. I have used her to help me get bands ready for live performances, she taught one of my metal head friends better soloing techniques, and I even brought a formally trained "note reading only" trumpet player to her to show him how to improvise! Lately I even had her help me in how to play a pedal steel guitar an instrument she was totally unfamiliar with, but using her vast musical experience and education, was able to teach me how to play from a guitarist perspective which made more sense to me. I also saw her help students select suitable equipment as well as how to properly use pedals and effects.

Peter B.



I first met Kimberly as a player-jammer at a local club and soon after began working casual gigs and covering her club engagements when she was out of town. When I realized what great jazz fusion guitarist skills she possessed, I began studying jazz concepts, theory and classic jazz standards with her. This is what I would tell my friends who were interested in studying jazz theory to improve their playing skills and move on to the next level: Kim is a well educated teaching professional who can answer any question you have regarding jazz and music theory. She can break it down and explain it to you and demonstrate it also. It is a rare quality to be able to do this well, articulate it clearly and help any willing student to improve their playing ability.

Rob H.


A great teacher that has provided the structure and knowledge to give me the confidence to learn the Bass guitar. I am now playing in an ensemble that Kim has set up and the experience and additional knowledge that I have gained is invaluable. I can highly recommend her as a teacher.

Martin P.



Kim took me on as a student with me having no musical knowledge whatsoever, and in addition a lefty with many years under my belt. She has provided a framework that works for me in this journey of music that has brought me immense satisfaction and the ability to play now with others. The structure of her teaching and the lessons has given me a firm foundation in music, and although I see this as a lifelong journey the pleasure playing for myself and with others is terrific. I can recommend her most highly, a terrific teacher!!!

Pat P.



I have been taking guitar lessons from Kimberly via Skype for about five years. I really like her teaching style which is systematic and focused. She tailors her lessons to my goals and time.

Her teaching method is to help you gain insight and skill through patient practice of gradually changing exercises. She doesn't snow you with theory, but presents it to you in digestible amounts just when it will make sense. She welcomes questions and I always learn from our discussions.

She has led me to learn techniques on the guitar that I was absolutely sure I could never learn. For something to seem impossible at the start, to seem possible a week later and to be routine a month later is amazingly uplifting.

Kimberly's background was first a life of teaching herself and playing gigs with all kinds of bands in all kinds of places. She has also deepened and strengthened her knowledge by gaining academic degrees in guitar and jazz and also by studying under masters. This gives her an incredibly deep understanding of learning and teaching music, an immense skill in playing guitar, and an appreciation for the challenges of playing with other people.

I especially love her continued enthusiasm for guitar and that she really enjoys teaching. I have found in Kimberly the best of teachers and highly recommend her without reservation.

Lars T.




I've been a student of Kimberly's for nearly seven years, which speaks for itself. 

During that time I've significantly increased in playing ability, ear training and understanding of music theory. Whether you want to transcribe & play a song, or learn blues or jazz foundations, or dive deep into understanding of chords/modal theory/etc., you'll find Kimberly has deep and broad experience. She's a rare combination of a real world player and an educated, professional musician. Kimberly also has a wonderful, non-intimidating style that is great for all us mere moral guitarist. On top of all that Kimberly is an accomplished teacher and also author of Guitar books. 

I should also note that for the first year I took lessons with Kimberly at her studio and then switched to Skype lessons when I moved to Seattle and then Austin. The Skype lessons are just as effectively, and even if I still lived in LA I'd probably take some lessons by Skype to save on the commute time.

Eric F.